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Amps & Axes Podcast

Mar 26, 2017

Welcome back from down under Amps & Axes fanatics. We have a great show for you technical and mechanical appreciators out there today. We all depend on guitars that play in tune and even more, the ability to change a string as quickly as possible. I mean, either your fans are looking at you, or you're a tech and your...

Mar 18, 2017

G'day 'cast followers and welcome to another installment of your and my favorite Podcast; Amps and Axes.In this episode, the guys go down under to bring you a guitarist who does the slide work for the institution known as Rose Tattoo, so make yourself a Vegemite sandwich, or pour a XXXX Gold and give a warm welcome to...

Mar 11, 2017

Hello 'CastMates and welcome to a new adventure in your Amps and Axes World. The guys have adopted a new policy of less Bro BS, more guest, so find your happy 'cast place and please welcome guitarist for the Indy Rock band Well Known Strangers, Mr Theodore Koth. Enjoy!

Mar 5, 2017

Greetings Good people of Podcast Land and welcome to the viral entity know as Amps and Axes. In this offering, the guys begin by asking for a little help for Podcast guest Angeline Saris, who had her prized Number 1 bass stolen. (Just for the record, we all feel that stealing is taking one's sense of entitlement way too...